Annunaki Vs. Grey Aliens

This is an interesting video someone put together telling the apparent and possibly true story about the reptilian alien race “The Annunaki” which are mentioned all over the world in ancient texts , drawings and sculptures as “Gods” from the sky. These aliens supposedly are the ones who created humans initially as a “slave race”. It also tells how the grey aliens came to notice and visit Earth and why. It is an interesting story based on what could possibly be the truth as it is based on text, etc from ancient civilizations.

You may need to pause the video when the red story text is on screen so you can read and follow the story. Best viewed in full screen. (click the box at the bottom right corner of the video below).


The “Nancy” Radio Interview

Here is an amazing radio interview with a woman named “Nancy” who tells of her experiences with a close encounter with an alien reptilian being when she was 11 years old. She also talks about how this experience relates to other experience with her father who worked for the Unites States military directly on a secret project working with visiting aliens on Earth.

The stories being shared here are incredibly captivating with a lot of inside info on her experience growing up with a father working on a top secret alien cover-up. A must listen to interview.


“Lacerta” A Reptilian Being Interview

Below is a YouTube video of the electronically read audio version of the  just over 2 hour “Lacerta” reptilian being interview. This has been going around the internet since it was mysteriously shared first around the year 2000. The interview apparently took place in Sweden in December of 1999. It is supposedly an interview with an actual female “reptilian” being from an advanced terrestrial civilization that has lived beneath the surface of the Earth since before humans existed. These creatures have been documented and written about and described in artefacts, paintings and literature of  just about every civilization and culture around the world throughout history.

Some may believe this to be absolutely ridiculous but it could be true. A lot of the information matches other disclosed documents. Despite what you may believe this interview is very compelling and filled with incredibly detailed information about possibly our true world and its true history that will have you thinking for some time afterword. From the creation of the human species by another visiting alien species, to detailed information about the 14 supposed alien species currently “active” on planet Earth (including 3 hostile species, 2 “extra dimensional” alien species and 1 species from another “plane” of existence beyond the universe or any of the dimensions).  If this is a fake, whomever wrote it could have made a living from this story creating a whole rich science fiction universe worth a fortune. There is just SO MUCH information presented here in so much detail. It explains SO much. Definitely worth paying attention to if you have open eyes and an open mind.

Below the video I have also posted links to the text version of the two part interview if anyone prefers to read it for themselves instead of listening to the electronic audio version in the video.

Complete Text Version of the interview:

The Lacerta Files – Interview with a Reptilian Part I

The Lacerta Files – Interview with a Reptilian Part II

“Ball Of Flames” UFO Report: July 31st, 2011

Below is the report I submitted to the Canadian Space Agency last summer regarding the close up UFO sighting by my mother and I at her beach house.

UFO Report: date: 31/07/11 Location: East River Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

My mother and I went out on her deck on this night to enjoy the ocean and stars view in East River Point, Nova Scotia. There was not a single cloud in the sky that night. Suddenly to our right (to the west) about 10-15km away we saw a large object that we can best describe as a ‘ball of flames’ rise up out of the trees. It seemed to hover still for about 20 seconds just above the tree line then it started to rise up into the air slowly at first then faster and faster until it rose up high into the atmosphere then disappeared. The whole event lasted about 2-3 minutes. The object looked like a solid ball of fire. Completely in bright orange and yellowish flames. It was brighter than anything else in the sky.

There was no moon visible on that evening as it was a new moon but it was as bright in the sky as a full on moon would appear. Even close by house lights were completely dulled by this light. Based on the distance it was as big as a large 3 story house. Houses on the shore line miles closer to us than the object were about the same size and smaller. It was as if a very large aircraft had exploded and was on fire which is what we thought may have happened at first nearby. Mom viewed the object with her binoculars to see it closer while I attempted to go just inside to grab my digital camera out to film it but by the time I could film it it was gone.

With the binoculars, Mom described it as well as an obvious ball of flames burning, similar to the flames of what you would see coming out of the back of a NASA rocket being or shuttle being launched into space. Even by the naked eye you could see flames flaring all around and within the object. It could not have been a meteorite as this came right up out of the forest (we could see it emerge) and moved much slower and even HOVERED before it took off upwards. From the distance, size and height it rose too it ruled out being a sky lantern even.

This is no hoax or a seeking of attention, in our online research we saw this link that we should submit a report so I felt it was the right thing to do. Mom and I will be more than happy to clarify any further info. My mother is (name censored) and is a well respected and honored teacher in the community of (censored), Nova Scotia. Contact information listed below.

(contact information censored for privacy)
After this sighting I do not go anywhere without having my camera (which can also take video) with me and ready to shoot. I had my camera inside while we went out to watch the stars and enjoy the night air. I kick myself everyday for not having it outside with me. I never thought for a second we would see anything out of the ordinary. I will never let that happen again.

Here though is a photo I had taken approximately 3 hours prior to the sighting that night looking towards the direction that this fireball came up out of the tree line from, and where it hovered above. The object rose up from pretty much the centre of the tree line in this image. You can kind of see the shore line where some houses are. This object was bigger than those small houses that are at least a few kilometres closer.

Here is a 2nd photo I had taken earlier than the one above in mid afternoon that same day to show the beach. This shows more of the detail of the area.


Welcome To My Blog!

Well hello there! My name is Ryan and this is my first blog post here. I have been into the paranormal, science fiction, astronomy and ufology since I was a small child. I live and breathe reading about what is and could be  happening all around our planet and beyond it in the universe and even beyond it in other dimensions and planes of existence. Nothing fascinates me more than studying the unknown world we live in searching for the truth that is all around us. I for one believe completely that alien species ARE among us here on Earth and have been since before we were even here. I called this blog “Open Your Eyes” as the majority of the Earth’s population live in the ultimate arrogance that we are the centre of the universe and basically live with their heads in the sand refusing to acknowledge the strange things going on all over the globe. I did not  create this blog to change their minds however. Most of the sceptic people around the world would keep their heads in the sand and STILL refuse to believe that aliens exist and are among us even if they landed on the front lawn of their home. Some people are just so arrogant and do not believe anything beyond what their bible, pastor or the TV says is real. They will never change.

I do hope that some people with open minds and open eyes will enjoy the posts in this blog however. I plan to post stories,  images and videos that I find all over the web that I find interesting as things happen around the world. I am not a “doomsday” person convinced completely that the world is going to end in December of this year, though I do believe that since the Mayan and Hindu ancient calendars both end this year that “something” profound is most likely going to happen. We may not even have the senses or capacity to even notice it or understand what is even happening when it does. Something catastrophic COULD also happen as well, whether it be a polar shift due to something like the massive planet Nibiru making its 3600 year rotational appearance near our solar system and affecting the gravitational pull that the sun has on Earth, or a massive solar flare from our own sun.  I mean absolutely thinking that is NOT even possible and NOT going to happen I think is a very arrogant thing to think and say as well…..I mean how do you KNOW FOR SURE?

All we can do is keep our eyes and minds open and we will find out eventually. We will find out many, many things in the coming months and years I am sure.

Stay tuned for more. Next post I think I will share the UFO report from July 2011 that I sent in to the Canadian Space Agency last year. It was an incredibly close sighting.