Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide

Below are some clips showing various strange sounds being recorded all over the Earth recently. Some of these sounds are quite creepy. Some are “metallic like” monstrous sounds, others oddly mechanical as if coming from very large machines and reportedly seem to vibrate and shake the ground as is described in some of the clips. Some more recent ones have even been massive “booms” and thumps felt and heard all through the ground all over towns and cities. Some of the sounds show a massive flash of light in the sky followed by the sounds then stopping.

Definitely check out the clips below, judge for yourself and turn up the volume. These sounds are being reported all over the globe and have appeared on the news. Whether these sounds are of a natural phenomenon or something mechanical going on underground or from “cloaked” starships above us in the sky preparing for “something” all over the world, SOMETHING big is happening worldwide. I will share more as more are reported.

Compilation of sounds recorded Earth-wide from Jan 2012:

Some more great recordings of these sounds. From 8:00 mark on they get really creepy and jaw dropping. I don’t buy the whole solar flares causing “space quakes” that are bending and snapping the Earth’s magnetic field or inner Earth core vibrations explanation suggested at the end. If the Earth’s magnetic field was being bent to a snapping point, that should seriously be causing massive catastrophes around the world as often as the sounds are being heard, but that is not happening. The bending and “snapping” of the Earth’s magnetic field would literally deform the shape of the planet and most likely soon make it fall apart. This would be happening all the time as these sounds are happening all the time all over Earth. Also, kind of odd how NO ONE has EVER heard any sounds like this anywhere on Earth until starting around August 2011. The sounds are all not the same either by any means. If you pay close attention as well, most of these sounds are repetitive and follow a distinct pattern as is they are of a mechanical nature and under the control of something. Something very large. Electromagnetic waves also do NOT vibrate people and the ground. The authorities and government as usual, like with UFOs, want to keep people’s heads in the sand and try to wash it away with a simple explanation. Check out the amazing sounds in the second clip below.

Here is a recording of the massive “booms” from mid till end of March 2012 in Clintonville, WI, USA. Heard by everyone in the town and shook their homes almost “off the foundation”. The sounds, coming from underground, grew louder as the days went on apparently. Seismic activity and explosions were ruled out. It remains a mystery what the sounds and vibrations were from. News clips about this can be found all over YouTube for further details.


Annunaki Vs. Grey Aliens

This is an interesting video someone put together telling the apparent and possibly true story about the reptilian alien race “The Annunaki” which are mentioned all over the world in ancient texts , drawings and sculptures as “Gods” from the sky. These aliens supposedly are the ones who created humans initially as a “slave race”. It also tells how the grey aliens came to notice and visit Earth and why. It is an interesting story based on what could possibly be the truth as it is based on text, etc from ancient civilizations.

You may need to pause the video when the red story text is on screen so you can read and follow the story. Best viewed in full screen. (click the box at the bottom right corner of the video below).

Welcome To My Blog!

Well hello there! My name is Ryan and this is my first blog post here. I have been into the paranormal, science fiction, astronomy and ufology since I was a small child. I live and breathe reading about what is and could be  happening all around our planet and beyond it in the universe and even beyond it in other dimensions and planes of existence. Nothing fascinates me more than studying the unknown world we live in searching for the truth that is all around us. I for one believe completely that alien species ARE among us here on Earth and have been since before we were even here. I called this blog “Open Your Eyes” as the majority of the Earth’s population live in the ultimate arrogance that we are the centre of the universe and basically live with their heads in the sand refusing to acknowledge the strange things going on all over the globe. I did not  create this blog to change their minds however. Most of the sceptic people around the world would keep their heads in the sand and STILL refuse to believe that aliens exist and are among us even if they landed on the front lawn of their home. Some people are just so arrogant and do not believe anything beyond what their bible, pastor or the TV says is real. They will never change.

I do hope that some people with open minds and open eyes will enjoy the posts in this blog however. I plan to post stories,  images and videos that I find all over the web that I find interesting as things happen around the world. I am not a “doomsday” person convinced completely that the world is going to end in December of this year, though I do believe that since the Mayan and Hindu ancient calendars both end this year that “something” profound is most likely going to happen. We may not even have the senses or capacity to even notice it or understand what is even happening when it does. Something catastrophic COULD also happen as well, whether it be a polar shift due to something like the massive planet Nibiru making its 3600 year rotational appearance near our solar system and affecting the gravitational pull that the sun has on Earth, or a massive solar flare from our own sun.  I mean absolutely thinking that is NOT even possible and NOT going to happen I think is a very arrogant thing to think and say as well…..I mean how do you KNOW FOR SURE?

All we can do is keep our eyes and minds open and we will find out eventually. We will find out many, many things in the coming months and years I am sure.

Stay tuned for more. Next post I think I will share the UFO report from July 2011 that I sent in to the Canadian Space Agency last year. It was an incredibly close sighting.